24 10 2008
Hey ya’ll and Happy Friday!  While getting ready for the mill this morning, I was watching the today show and they were talking about the Nickelodeon kids’ voting thing and were talking about the questions they ask the candidates.  When they asked them what their favorite Halloween costume was, both of them, not hearing the other’s response, said the year they were a pirate.  That was interesting.  It made me think of when I used to dress up for Halloween.  I really can only remember two outfits, and they were…..not fresh at all.

One year I did the dracula thing.  I didn’t have anything cool like the tuxedo, long cape, or blood makeup.  All I had was a lame plastic Dracula mask with the little rubber band in the back and a high water cape that didn’t even reach the middle of my back.  I wore a plaid izod shirt, some gray pants, and my black snakeskin high top Troop basketball shoes.  My troops were WAY uglier than these, if you can believe it:my Troops were WAY uglier

Yeah, I think that’s about when sneakers started to get horribly ugly.

The mask was like one of these real cheap ones on top of this costume

The mask was like one of these real cheap ones on top of this

It was NOTHING cool like this

It was NOTHING cool like

The other costume I remember was the year I dressed up as a ninja.  I think every boy at one point in time gets into karate and I was no exception.  I loved Bruce Lee, and I thought ninjas were the coolest because of their throwing stars and being able to go in and out of shadows and disappear in puffs of smoke.  I even had a throwing star I bought while in Claxton Georgia for some hokey pokey country festival. You know there’s always Bubba and his wife selling hunting knives, samurai swords and other instruments of death that weirdos think are cool.  I of course didn’t get the throwing stars to throw at people, but every single tree by my house was marked for death, and still have the scars to prove the numerous wars I waged.

Now I wanted the whole ninja outfit complete with the ninja shoes like this:

My costume ended up me wearing my black pants, a black turtleneck, and wearing a black scarf over my face, and WHITE Nikes.  Sigh….  I just couldn’t win on the costume tip.  It didn’t scar me though. I laugh pretty hard when I think about it.  If and when I have kids, and they want to dress up though, I’ll make sure they will be proper.  Of course, they have a lot more quality out there as far as costume stores.  As a matter of fact, I don’t think Party City was out then and of course there was no Internet that made finding anything easier. 


So share with the class, what were your best and worst costumes?




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24 10 2008

my worst costume ever was a homemade bumble bee costume, that my father constructed for me. *SIGH*

It was made out of very heavy cardboard cut into the shape of a bee’s body (with a stinger on the bottom). There were two panels for the front and back, connected by rope or something at the shoulders, so that I could slip it on overhead and wear draped front and back.

Then it was spray painted with yellow and black stripes. And underneath the cardboard bee body, I just wore black jeans and a yellow turtleneck.
I believe I had antennae on my head but I don’t recall what they were made of.
That costume was MAD bulky and awkward. And I wore this to school because we had a Halloween “parade” every year, in which the elementary aged kids (my school went from pre-K to 8th grade – I believe I was the bee in about 3rd or 4th grade) would walk down the little street in front of our school while the junior high kids stood outside and clapped for us (read: laughed at us). So. Whack.

Not to mention that the costume attracted REAL BEES, of which I have always been deathly afraid. Suckas must have thought I was their queen because they followed me up and down that street. Picture a giant cardboard bee ducking a dodging a bunch of little bees down the street. I don’t know WHOSE idea that was.

I’m still amazed I have never been to therapy.

24 10 2008

BWHAHHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! Cord, you and Dfly take the cake. My worst costume was the year I had no costume at all and my mom sent me out with a little bag and was like, take that or nothing at all. I was in high school by then, so most of my friends had no costume either. I always had to be something that could be made at home like an angel because my mother was not buying a costume at all although I think I recall my dad buying me one one year.

24 10 2008
Marketing Prophetess

We always had homemade costumes as well. I can only remember one time where I had one of the cheap plastic costumes you have pictured, and it was a Mickey Mouse costume (those masks are hard to see out of!). I don’t even think it made it through the night, it was so cheap.

But I’ve been everything from a smurf to a court jester to Princess Leah (my favorite one). My Mom would slave away weeks in advance sewing these creations on her machine. And to top it off she was also an excellent make-up artist. My sisters and I would return home from a great night of trick-or-treating with our make-up smeared all over our faces, and a lot of it smeared on her clothes, from her trying to walk us up to houses we were scared of. We’d grab her legs and try to hide behind her, and she’d still be walking up the driveways, dragging us along and laughing at us and how afraid we were. 😦 I think that was the best part of the night to her.

24 10 2008

I remember one year during my Dracula phase, my grandmother was in town. Unlike you Cord, I was tight to def with mine. I had a nice cape, fangs, fake blood, etc. I even remember my mom taking some of my grandmothers makeup and applying it. (No laughing because it was part of a costume!)

24 10 2008

I liked most of my costumes. My favorite one was when I was an angel. My mom worked really hard sewing the costume for me and I looked so cute in it. This year my little girl is going to be an angel for Halloween, but I’m buying the costume 😉

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