How Did I Get Here?

30 03 2009

Good morning everyone.  I got some pretty devastating news over the weekend.  There has been a goal that I have been working on for some time now that I have yet to accomplish.  At first it took my breath away, and then I literally got dizzy for a moment and hyperventilated briefly.  Read the rest of this entry »


Hip Hop: Top 20 Hip Hop Songs

19 03 2009

Good Thursday gang.  I am doing another hip hop post, which is so unlike me since I don’t listen to the music that much.  However, since I grew up on it, the music and a large majority of the culture of hip hop in the 80s and 90s is a part of me. Also, it looks as if Killer Mike left a comment on yesterday’s post.  You may be saying “How do you know it was really him?”  Well, my instinct leads me to believe that it was as well as me doubting that someone would take the time to pose as Killer Mike and give my rinky dink blog any attention.  So Killer Mike, thanks for the read homie. I’ll be pumping “Monster” this weekend and I’ll be looking for your next project. Read the rest of this entry »

Hip Hop: Top 5 MCs dead or alive

18 03 2009

Good Hump Day people!  After reading the comments on yesterday’s post, let me be the first to say that I stand corrected!  Corduroy needs to know his Bible better.  However, Bible stories usually don’t come to mind when I watch NBC.  Still no excuse though, I just need to know my Bible. 😦  I beg for your forgiveness, loyal Corduroy blog followers!

killer mike

killer mike

Well how bout I talk about something that I DO know about??  lol. interviews artists and they have an insightful piece that asks the artists who the top 5 mcs are dead or alive.  Read the rest of this entry »

What the f*ck NBC????

17 03 2009

Ok, I am a tv junkie.  I love a good story, and I love good storytellers.  The writers of some of the shows on tv are true talents.  While others are straight up boo boo.

I keep track of a few shows on tv now.

She plays an Ice Cold Bitch to a tee

She plays an Ice Cold Bitch to a tee

“Damages” with Glenn Close  (I saw Fatal Attraction as a kid and I won’t forget how she got all nasty with Michael Douglas). Read the rest of this entry »

Gone Fishing

13 03 2009

Happy Friday everyone!

I took out the Crocodile Hunter!!

I took out the Crocodile Hunter!!

I had the tv on this morning like I usually do when I’m getting ready for work, and as usual, I had it on the Today show.  They had a story on there of how these spear fisherman had an encounter with a tiger shark.   Read the rest of this entry »

Hooray for Monday! Randomness

9 03 2009

Good morning everybody.  I don’t know how many of you out there are Kanye West fans.  I for one, got over his novelty after the second album.  Now he seems to be making more headlines artistically and fashionably than before.  Hey, I don’t knock dude’s hustle, cause once you get those white folks lovin you like that, your money can get really, really long.  And there’s no doubt about it, white folk love Kanye’s ridiculousness.  In GQ magazine they named him a fashion icon. But I wanna say “HUH?? FASHION ICON?” Come on…I mean in the beginning he dressed fresh, but somewhere along the road, he got so rich and so far beyond fashion that he started to dress like this:

Fashion Icon? You decide

Fashion Icon? You decide

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6 03 2009

Hey everybody.  I’m posting on one of the sweetest days of the week, but really don’t have much to say :(, I’m just happy it’s Friday.

We’re due for some good weather though, and it’s daylight savings this Sunday.  I always welcome this time of the year because it makes me think of undergrad and I all my classes were evening classes because I worked full time during the day. Read the rest of this entry »