The Matrix

8 04 2009


Good morning everyone.  I wanna talk about the Matrix.  I’m not trying to get into some existential discussion about every aspect of life, but more so a limited discussion about your job.  Yes, your job, the bane of most of our existences (or existii??), but a part of life that is necessary, nonetheless. Read the rest of this entry »

The first movie I cried on was….

1 04 2009


…Yes, as in the Extra Terrestrial.  That movie came out in 1982 and I was going on 6 years old.  My sister, who at the time was 13 took me and I remember the meat of the story – alien gets displaced on earth, alien befriends little boy, mean scary white men try to capture alien to tap into their inner Captain Kirk by having sex with an alien, boy helps alien to escape the evil white men, alien goes home.  It’s something along those lines. Read the rest of this entry »