The first movie I cried on was….

1 04 2009


…Yes, as in the Extra Terrestrial.  That movie came out in 1982 and I was going on 6 years old.  My sister, who at the time was 13 took me and I remember the meat of the story – alien gets displaced on earth, alien befriends little boy, mean scary white men try to capture alien to tap into their inner Captain Kirk by having sex with an alien, boy helps alien to escape the evil white men, alien goes home.  It’s something along those lines.

The part that made me cry was when he had to go home.  That Spieldberg is a master storyteller and in my going on 6 year old heart and mind, he created an attachment for this ugly little alien that looks like an old black man’s scrotum with eyeballs and for the friendship between the alien and the boy.

I remember trying to hold it back and not being able to.  The tears came and I sobbed.  My sister bent down over me and said “Why are you crying?!”  and in a manner that only a 5 year old could convey I said “…(sob)….because….(sob)….it’s…(sob)…so….(sob)….sad!”

She thought that was the funniest thing and just giggled away for the rest of the movie at me.  i didn’t care.  I hate that E.T. had to go back home and leave behind the boy he had befriended in his stay on earth.  But when I think about it, long term, E.T. probably would have really cramped dude’s style.  E.T. ate, so he had to take a sh!t.  And then afterwards, just to walk around naked with your ass out. They never addressed that in the movie.

Also, I don’t think E.T. washed, and with all those folds of scrotum skin, he probably smelled like a Krystal burger. (White Castle for you northerners) Don’t play like you don’t remember when you were in middle school there was always that chubby girl who smelled like a Krystal burger and had stains on her clothes. But just think about the boy growing up to a teenager, and inviting a girl over for pizza and a movie, but whenever they try to do some heavy petting, that krystal burger and extra terrestrial booty smell probably crept into her nostrils and busted up his groove in a major way.

But I digress….

I just thought of that because like so many firsts for me, they are permanently etched in my mind.  I feel sorry for people who can’t remember things like the first movie they cried on or another one which never fails to baffle me – their first kiss.  I mean, how can you forget the event that led to the opening of the floodgates for man/woman  intimacy for the rest of your life? (man/man or woman/woman if that’s your thing).

I remember the first time I had cheesecake. I was also 5 and it was at the most popular black man’s fine dining establishment – Red Lobster.  They would roll the dessert cart to your table with a slice of whatever for display.  My mom recommended that I try the cheesecake, and being 5, it didn’t look interesting at all.  There was no whipped cream, no gooeyness dripping on the plate, no sprinkles, no nothing. It was just a beige sliver of stuff.  I begrudgingly went with it, and to this day, cheesecake is in my top 3 sweets of all time.

This is the question I pose:

How good are you at remembering your firsts?




2 responses

1 04 2009

I’ve got a few firsts I never want to forget.

E.T. was also my first favorite movie. I had to have anything E.T. and actually kind of believed the story was real. I, too, was overwhelmed by sadness for the little fella. I can laugh about it now, but something about that story still tugs at my heart strings.

I remember my first kiss, my first date, my first love, my first bike, my first Cabbage Patch Kid, my first job, my first favorite food (bread even though my dad says milk), my first best friend, and so forth and so on.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. E.T. phone home… 🙂

6 04 2009

With motherhood, regrettably, my memory has faded some. But I can remember my first love and first heartbreak (I was 5). I can’t remember my first kiss or date for that matter… I can remember my first time going to camp and my first day of kindergarten. I remember falling in love with the violin and playing it for the first time and the first “hard” word I could spell by myself (cookies. lol). I won’t go on, but this was fun strolling down memory lane 🙂

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