The Matrix

8 04 2009


Good morning everyone.  I wanna talk about the Matrix.  I’m not trying to get into some existential discussion about every aspect of life, but more so a limited discussion about your job.  Yes, your job, the bane of most of our existences (or existii??), but a part of life that is necessary, nonetheless.

Why do I call it the Matrix?  Well, whenever I think about the job I think about its bondage as well the liberation from it.  It conjures up the image of Neo being unplugged from the matrix and eventually sliding out from his KY goo filled capsule with atrophied muscles and plug outlets interspersed throughout his body.  He then sees the world for what it really is: a dark, post-apocalyptic horror.

Now on one hand, Neo has been freed, which is a great thing. But at the same time, he’s been freed into a pretty f*cked up world, and that just sucks.  However, whenever Neo or anyone of the liberated souls plug back into the Matrix to handle business, they can do phenomenal feats, which is only possible through the mantra that Morpheus teaches: “FREE YOUR MIND”

Now I have analogized the workplace as the Matrix, when it is in fact just one part of it, but a very very eeeeeeeevil part of it.  I don’t know about you, but when I sit at my desk, I feel like I’m in a prison of sorts.  My mind doesn’t feel free.  Whenever I want my mind to be free to roam about the possibilities of life, whether professionally or personally, it doesn’t take long for it to be grounded and shackled by some inane work related task.

Am I complaining? I guess you could say that I am, but like many of you, I’m quick to say that I’m thankful for my job, especially in this economy.  But taking a step back from that, what am I thankful for?  Well, when all is considered, I guess I’m thankful to be able to pay my bills.  The funny thing is that they are bills that I’ve created.  And therein lies the rub…..If I hadn’t created bills, I wouldn’t have to work to stay ahead of them.  Of course I’m not talking about the necessities of life like food and shelter, even though they cost money too, but it’s all those other “things” that makes me have to work, even though the only thing I have to do is stay black and die.

The Matrix functions as modern day slavery, but who’s the slave master?  Is it Mr. Charlie that sits in  his office with a door that closes and  his big window that looks out onto whatever lies beyond these walls, or is it in fact the man or woman in the mirror who wanted to have the things that added comfort to his or her life?  Well, even though it’s a lot easier (and really satisfying) to say it’s Mr. Charlie, the fact remains that if you’re not in the military, you had a choice to take this job. Mr. C is just playing his part.   I didn’t intend to defend him, because I despise everything he represents, but I think it’s a lot more helpful for my mental well being to be more pragmatic when looking at life.

I know this post is boring as sh!t, but I just had this stuff on my mind.  I still want to win the lottery and come into work the next day to act a fool and show my ass before wishing everyone a nice life, but until that day I have to cope with this workplace bondage and reconciling that with the hand that I had in this state of affairs.

Thank God it’s Wednesday!!




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8 04 2009

Cord, I feel you, but I will have to blame it on Mr. C. Today he sponsored pizza in the office. Some might say, “that’s nice of them to do that”, but what they fail to realize is the hidden message. (We want you to work all day and not go out for lunch. Just eat at your desk while you work.)

8 04 2009
Marketing Prophetess

According the the teachings of Buddha, the suffering and “bondage” we experience from living in the Matrix is caused by cravings or attachments to worldly pleasures of all kinds. When we live in and of the world we develop a deluded clinging to a certain sense of existence (i.e. social status), to selfhood, or to the material things or phenomena that we consider the cause of happiness and comfort (or unhappiness, depending on how you look at it). That being said, suffering ends when craving ends, then one is freed from desire. I’m not a Buddhist or anything, but I do believe in Buddha’s philosophy of living, which is to free your mind from the Matrix, as you so aptly put it.

9 04 2009

You guys are so serious!!! I’m cracking up at you winning the lottery and acting a fool!! That laugh freed “my” mind a bit! Heeheehee!!!

10 04 2009

I went from a high stress corporate job to hourly labor in a country where i could not speak the language… There is no escape from the Matrix, but then again when massa ain’t lookin, I’m plottin’ 😉

17 04 2009

You are neglecting your duties around here. I hereby fine you 100 pesos and 10 hours of web community service.

So have I said it and so shall it be established. 😐

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