Simply the Best

26 06 2009
Michael at his best

Michael at his best

This morning while watching the Today Show as they were chronicling Michael Jackson’s life, I felt that familiar swell in my neck and the warmth in my face and the warmth around my eyes, and before long, tears started streaming down my face.  Rather than choke them back and “man up”, I went ahead and let them fall for a few minutes, then I shook off the wave of grief that had overcome me, and got up to shower. Read the rest of this entry »


Good Things Coming…

16 06 2009

If you’ve cast me away like the rubbish I have been for the past few months due to the unwarranted neglect I’ve shown to you readers, I deserve it.

However, I’m here to tell you, a brand new Corduroy is coming soon. You won’t even recognize me (or at least my blog).   I’ll provide something that’s 300% more engaging (yes, I’ve measured it!)

So if you still have love for your boy Corduroy, just stay tuned…