The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…

26 01 2010

Ok, I’m just bullsh*ttin ya’ll. I have no delusions of grandeur believing that my blog posts are worth “waiting” for.  I know most of my readers could give a rat’s as* about me since I left them hanging for so long. I mean for Pete’s sake, my last post was right after Michael Jackson’s death!  You may be thinking, “….Now that’s some triflin’ sh*t”, and you know what? It is, I admit. I’m gonna be like a boyfriend who got caught red-handed cheating and apologize and hope that you’ll forgive me.  The thing is, either you will and take me back into your loving hearts and minds, or you won’t and I’ll be saddened, trying desperately to win you back. Just how I’d do that, I’m not sure, but in the meantime do us both a favor and give a ni*ga a break!

So what’s been going on?  I became a victim of the recession back in November, and that was the catalyst behind me not writing as muich. It’s funny how much money (or the lack thereof) can affect your whole life. I went into panic mode and eventually to do what most grown folk dread: moving back home. Yep, because no job = no money = no rent = your black a*s has to find new living accomodations.

So I’m 33, living at home with my mom and her husband…..

Just typing that sentence makes my heart heavy.  That is some of the lamest sh*t I ever communicated to another person, and here I am communicating it to the whole world! But you know what? It could always be worse. I believe that.  I was chatting with a young lady that lost her job and has two sons. She is currently living in a shelter. Lord knows I admire her strength. That could have been me. But don’t get it f*cked up, because it could have been any of you too!  Fortunately, it’s just me, myself, and I with no dependants, so from that aspect, I’m blessed.  Now I’m not saying that to say I’m resting on my laurels because I’m relatively “good”, cause believe you me, I’ve sent out so many resumes I’m waaaaay beyond remembering who the hell i sent it too. I know I’m up to about 800 or 900 in online applications and sent mail with the subject “Re: _____ position candidate”

So I’m single, jobless, and penniless, and I get asked frequently “why are you single?”  That’s so funny to me.  You guys out there can feel me on this. When you’re trying to pursue a woman seriously, not having the scrilla to pay for things and treat her like the queen you want her to be in your eyes, makes you pretty gun shy.  Women will often follow up that point of view with “Oh, but she should understand what you’re trying to do, and it’s not like you’re some sorry scrub n*gga”, or something to that effect.  True, I’m nobody’s scrub n*gga (the meaning in this context is a joker that is just trying to get by, live off of a woman’s generosity, and not trying do better himself or succeed in life), but even still, it’s a lot more comfortable just keeping to yourself, staying on your grind trying to find a new gig, and telling yourself that your state of broketivity won’t last forever.  I believe that.

So how do I spend my days you may ask? Well, I job hunt (a given), I work out at the gym (hey, if I’m gonna be broke, I might as well look good and be healthy!), and I coach boy’s little league basketball (a 12 and under team and a 6 and under team).  The coaching is gonna be the subject of a few posts, because kids are fascinating and can be funny as sh*t.  The way they behave make me wonder if I had ever been that age! lol

Well, this post didn’t have any point or anything, I just wanted to holler at ya’ll . I plan to write about something that’ll make you chortle tomorrow.





6 responses

26 01 2010
Willie Dynamite

Glad to have you back Cord! Keep hope alive my Nig!

27 01 2010

This is still funny….and sad at the same time. I know things will turn around.

27 01 2010

things will turn around for sure. i know living back at home is a rough transition, but it’s not permanent. any chance the coaching you enjoy doing with the kids could turn into a career?

27 01 2010

Thanks for the words of encouragement. It’s not likely because my bills wouldn’t permit such a drastic pay cut in the short run. I’m trying to keep my credit good don’tcha know! Thanks though!

28 01 2010


ain’t it a shame that many of the meaningful, rewarding career paths are the ones not paying well? always a toss up.

16 02 2010

i haven’t been here in a while, and i feel your pain Cord, you are using your time effectively it seems, coaching and going to the gym, that is something… am taking notes…

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