Hey all!  I know you may be wondering, “Just who is this Corduroy Johnson guy?”  Well, I’m a son, a brother, not yet a husband, and not yet a father (as far as I know).

I’m a 32 years young, heterosexual, black guy from Georgia.

I have southern sensibilities, but know that the world is bigger than the 50 square mile comfort zone I was raised in. I’ve been exposed to a great many people, places, and things outside of the south.  I’ve lived in a handful of places, traveled throughout the country, overseas (and not just to a tropical island), and have come to appreciate the diversity and beauty there is in the world. But when it’s all said and done, I’m just a southern gentleman who always has a kind word to say (but you may not ever hear it).

Women find me attractive, which is cool, because I believe women are the most fascinating and beautiful creatures on earth. I have a tendency to be charming, (so I have been told). I try to keep it in check, especially around older women, because I’ve found that since I’ve gotten older, they’ve put me in their crosshairs.  Not saying that there’s anything wrong with breaking off a mother or two, but when I could reasonably be mistaken for her oldest child’s slightly older brother, I have to draw the line somewhere!

I work out a lot and it shows.  My married family members and married friends tell me it’s a function of me being single, and that after I get married, my belly will be unleashed.  But I assure them that even after I get married, I will maintain a fitness regimen that will keep me fit and strong like a jungle cat so I can still give these young bucks a run for the money and make the tenderonis do a double take.

My closest friends have playfully labeled me as an asshole, and I accept that.  My sister has told me that I don’t have any tact, but over the years, I have been tempering that with wisdom. My asshole tendencies, or assholeries as I heard a friend of mine call them, are not for no reason.  I am not a mean spirited person at all, it’s just that there are certain rules I live by and I’m pretty unyielding when they are violated.  Everyone has rules that they live by, it’s just that some people are more adamant about their enforcement.  I guess I’m one of those people.

As far as my blog goes, I just wanted a creative outlet.  Just about things that go on in my head in my day to day life.  Some will be work related, some will be just straight up opinions of things that either make me happy or piss me off, and some will be strolls down memory lane.  I appreciate each and every one of you for stopping by. Show me some love and SUBSCRIBE!

Im not angry...at least not most of the time.

I'm not angry...at least not most of the time.


6 responses

2 09 2008
Caramel Apple Bubbles


You hit on everything I think about every day.

Keep posting.


2 09 2008

I hope this fucking week goes by fast…

2 09 2008

Yea Dan…. take a long walk off a short bridge…no1 cares about the puppies, hot dogs and ur old lady…. lol We are here to get a check and keep it moving…

6 09 2008
Caramel Apple Bubbles

LOL this was great.


8 09 2008
Caramel Apple Bubbles

LOL i saw a man the other day with a curl half way down his back. i’m so glad my momma never let me get a curl. i really hope they don’t come back in style.


11 09 2008

I’m just a southern gentleman who always has a kind word to say (but you may not ever hear it).

Nice to learn something about the mysterious Corduroy that I didn’t know.

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