A Disturbing Pattern

29 01 2010

Sorry for not writing yesterday gang. No excuses.

If you haven’t been under a rock or aren’t in a state of denial, you probably have an idea of what I’m about to discuss.  It’s the theme of the two pictures above. Halle and Denzel won oscars for their roles in “Monster’s Ball” and “Training Day”, respectively.  Monique recently won the Golden Globe for her role in “Precious”.

Now know that I’m not saying they weren’t deserving of the acclaim they got (not entirely), because they are all good (maybe great) in their own right.  My OPINION is as follows: Read the rest of this entry »


The Dog Days of Unemployment

27 01 2010

I know what you’re probably thinking. That this is gonna be a “woe is me” post that will bum you out.  I’m here to tell you it’ll be nothing of the sort!

A comedian once said that comedy comes from a dark (painful) place. I couldn’t agree more because in my circumstances I find oodles and oodles of humor.

For instance, last night I went by my sister’s house just to chill out, and laugh at how crazy my nieces and nephew make her. As I was leaving, she said “You know my theory about men in sweat pants, right?”

I said “No, what?”

She said “They’re unemployed.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For…

26 01 2010

Ok, I’m just bullsh*ttin ya’ll. I have no delusions of grandeur believing that my blog posts are worth “waiting” for.  I know most of my readers could give a rat’s as* about me since I left them hanging for so long. I mean for Pete’s sake, my last post was right after Michael Jackson’s death!  You may be thinking, “….Now that’s some triflin’ sh*t”, and you know what? It is, I admit. I’m gonna be like a boyfriend who got caught red-handed cheating and apologize and hope that you’ll forgive me.  The thing is, either you will and take me back into your loving hearts and minds, or you won’t and I’ll be saddened, trying desperately to win you back. Just how I’d do that, I’m not sure, but in the meantime do us both a favor and give a ni*ga a break! Read the rest of this entry »